WebSite 103 – HTTP Headers

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Sooner, rather than later, you will need to view your HTTP Headers.   You can find information like if the site has a 301 or 302 redirect, a 400 or 500 error that does not show, or even if it uses a utf-8 or an iso-8859-1 charset.  Here is how to do it using Firefox, Chrome or Curl.

Online HTTP Header Tools

Choose any of these and just plug in your URL and see the HTTP headers for your page!

Browser Tools

Here are some tools to help you view HTTP headers for web design or development.


Firefox is my first choice. I use the Live HTTP Headers extension.


If you are using a Unix like operating system, like Linux, BSD, or Mac OS/X, you can use curl. First make sure that curl is installed by opening a terminal and typing…


If it isn’t installed and you are using Linux Mint, Ubuntu, or similar distro, type…

sudo apt-get install curl

To install it.

Once curl is installed, type…

curl -I

To see the HTTP headers of the URL. Replace…

With the URL that you want to examine.

Getting HTTP headers with curl


In Chrome or Chromium browsers, press F12 to open the developer console. Then click the network menu item and visit a webpage. Or install the HTTP Headers extension.

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