Using GitHub, Google Code and a good Git GUI

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Recently I was talking with fellow CodoDojo Sensei, Marie. She is having a problem with the Atahualpa Theme for WordPress. The author / team at Bytes For All have a different idea of what this theme should be than many of the people who post on their website.

Sensei Marie said she would like to take over the stalled TuKod project and focus on the TuKod Theme – a fork of the Atahualpa Theme. I told her to set up a ToKod Theme project on GitHub as this would help her. She asked my help and with my brand new Linux Mint Mate computer, I set out to find a Git GUI that would help her…


Here is a list of FREE Git GUI’s I found in the Software Manager of Linux Mint.

  1. easygit
  2. git-cola
  3. git-gui
  4. gitg
  5. gitk
  6. qgit

I will add more FREE Git GUI’s if I find any more.  If you know of any others, let me know and I will add them to the list,

Now I will try to take an objective look at each of them and see if I happen to like one or two more than the others.  Stay tuned for the updates…


Sensei Vegarian!

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