WebSite 101

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Lesson 1

Today I am adding a tutorial category I will call “WebSite 101.”  In WebSite 101 I will teach you how to build a WebSite, from the ground up.  This is really a Do-It-Yourself  (DIY) course that will take you from the very beginning (basic HTML).  Step by step we will build a dynamic, database driven WebSite that covers things like, HTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript, Database, htaccess, and SEO.  Even if you do not know what any of those mean, you can follow this.

CMS Vs DIY Roll Your Own!

I love the ease at which the WordPress CMS allows people to build a great, informative website without much knowledge of coding. WordPress uses HTML, CSS, PHP, JavaScript, Database, htaccess, and SEO, however, the website author does not need to know how to code in these to get a nice website.

The down side of using a CMS is that you are limited in many ways to what you can do. That is why businesses are willing to pay Coders to make them a custom WebSite. Learning the details of Coding the right way, from the start, will give you a wonderful finished WebSite and perhaps a good job too!

Tools of the Trade

You will likely need to add 2-3 software packages to your computer. It is not hard to do this, just follow the directions. These are standard packages, very safe, and used by hundreds of thousands of people all over the world.

However, before you can become an effective DIY Coder you will need a few things. Most of these are free and can be downloaded from the Internet. I have posted a Tools of the Trades List for you to follow and check off!



Try to get the following software packages loaded into your computer:

  1. Firefox Web Browser
  2. Geany Text Editor
  3. FileZilla Client


WebSite 101 – Lesson 1

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