Mint Mate 17 – Sharing 2nd Hard Drive

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As I already reported, I am Leaving Ubuntu for Mint Mate 17. You may want to read that post before this one.

The only problem I had when I loaded Mint Mate was that my boot drive was 500gb and I added a second drive of 1TB to store movies on. But when I tried to share folders the same as I did with the boot drive, From the Client computer I could see them, but I could not open them, and I got this error…

Error: Unable to mount location – Failed to mount Windows share.

This Document explains how I solved this error.

A Few Defaults

To make this clear, we need to establish a few defaults. For example:

  • The computer’s name on our network is “kit“.
  • The admin user is “kat“.
  • The hard drive I will name “data“.
  • The filesystem type is “ext4“. (Note: No Caps – Other File System Types may be used also.)

Because your system may be different, you may need to change these to what you use on your compute.

Adding the Mount Point

We want this extra drive mounted at startup instead of starting automatically when accessed. To do this I need a permanent mount point… NOT the automatic mount point of /media/kit/data . I can do this with three little terminal commands…

Click Menu>Terminal and copy paste the following three commands (data is your mount point if different).

$ sudo mkdir /data
$ sudo chown $USER /data
$ sudo chmod 775 /data

Nothing special about the word “data”. I could have used “baby” just the same!

Adding the Drive

I physically put the new 1TB drive into my computer, using the next SATA port. (How to do this is beyond the scope of this post, however, many tutorials are available on the Internet.)

I turned on the computer, logged in with the Admin account (the first account), and let Mint Mate boot up.

  1. I clicked: Menu>Control Center>Disks
  2. Under “Devices” I selected the 1TB drive I added.
  3. If you need to partition or format the drive you do that first under “Volumes” and “More actions”.
  4. Under Volumes I clicked on the “More actions” icon and clicked “Edit Mount Options“.

Edit Mount Options

  • Turn “OFF” Automatic Mount Options.
  • Mount at startup is Checked!
  • Other check boxes are Unchecked.
  • Change “Mount Point” to: /data (or whatever mount point you used).
  • Change “Identify As” to the one that starts with: “UUID =“.
  • Change “Filesystem Type” to: “ext4” (no caps – or whatever you formated with.
  • Do Not change any other settings, just click OK.
  • At this point each time you start your computer, this drive will mount. Try rebooting!

Movie Folder

  • Open Caja (File Manager)
  • Click on “File System” and you will see your new folder, “data“.
  • Open your data folder (mount point) an create the folder you want to share, I called mine “Movies“.
  • Right-mouse clicking on “Movies” and then “Share Folder“. Enter your Password.
  • Change “Share through” to “Windows network (SMB)” then click “Share“.
  • If you want people on your network to be able to write to this folder you should un-check “Read only“.

Add A Link

To make my life easier, I decided to add a link in my “Video” folder to the “Movies” folder.

  • I right clicked on the “Movies” folder and clicked “Make Link
  • I cut the “Link to test” from the “data” folder and pasted it into the “Video” folder.

Now I can click into “Video” and click into “Movies“.

Edit The Samba Server

The last step is to edit the Samba Server Conf(iguration) file.

  • Click Menu>Terminal and copy paste the following command.
$ sudo pluma /etc/samba/smb.conf

If you don’t use Pluma use “gedit” or whatever.

  • Find this near the top:
# Change this to the workgroup/NT-domain name your Samba server will part of
   workgroup = WORKGROUP
  • Just AFTER this ADD (insert) the following (like this):
# Change this to the workgroup/NT-domain name your Samba server will part of
   workgroup = WORKGROUP

# Lanmark - force user added by Lan
	force user = zoe

Adding Shared Folders

To add more shared folders (perhaps “Music“) just follow the steps in “Movie Folder“.

Adding More Drives

To add more drives just follow the above steps. Remember each drive needs a different mount point..

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