Super Typhoon

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We survived Super Typhoon Yolanda / Haiyan with only property damage!  Some say this was the most destructive storm in the history of the world!

We’re Alive!

However, thanks to the Lord Yeshua that Marie, baby Zoe and I are all safe and unhurt, other than our racked nerves.

The East Wall is GONE!

First it ripped off the east wall! It was there one second and then gone!  It actually took longer to write this paragraph than it did for the typhoon to rip apart the wall.  This is the wall that faces toward the beach about 200 meters (yards) away.  I think the beach took the strongest winds in our area.

Patio Roof in Shreds

Then Yolanda / Haiyan shredded the patio roof, and finally punched a hole in the south wall a person could easily walk through – any size person!

Utilities Were All Down!

We were without power, cell phones, telephone, and Internet for a while.

Water Required for Life

We had stored water in a few clean trash cans. and our local community was able to restore power before we ran out! We have our own deep well, so with power restored fully within a few days, we were able to have water.

Little Power is Better than No Power

However, other damage has left us with only one 15 amp circuit working… Not a lot of power!

Computer Damage

My CPU was damaged, perhaps by the lighting and power surges during the first half of the storm.  We were ready to evacuate and had an escape route and an alternate planned.  So I was online watching the storm for any change in course.  A good friend gave me parts enough to assemble this box (computer CPU), so I am back online today, December 1, 2013!

Super Typhoon Breathing Down My Neck!

With a Super Typhoon breathing down my neck and ripping walls away, when you have a chance to think about it, it makes you think about what is important.  Of course, loved ones are at the top of the list.  but as you move down, you think about life in general.


For Marie and I we decided that teaching Life Improvement Skills is what we love the most.  We plan to build a seminar center.

Ubuntu Cheat Sheet

With this build of my CPU, I will be writing a Cheat Sheet series of how to load Ubuntu for business.  My target is small and home business, but this would also be good for the serious college or university student.

Basically, this will be what I use to earn money and have a working system.  So if you are interested in shedding all the problems of Microsoft and Windows and move up to a truly professional system, you may want to follow along with the Ubuntu Cheat Sheet series.  It will be based on Ubuntu 12.04.3 LTS (Precise Pangolin).

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