Staying With Moniker – For Now!

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This is the resolution of the Saga with Moniker.  I have decided to stay with Moniker, for the time being, and try to monitor Moniker on  Here is a recap of the Month Long Saga with Moniker and the reasons I have decide to stay with them for the time being…

  • Moniker was purchased, and started 2012 under new ownership.
  • From January through July 2012, Moniker received and cashed 12 checks, only 7 were posted on my account.  Five checks, amounting to $530 had simply vanished.
  • About July 11th, after an audit, trouble complaints were filed via email and via Support Ticket.  The email included complete details including scans of both sides of the cashed checks.
  • Both trouble reports were marked as “Closed as Junk”  These tickets have repeatedly been marked as “Closed” by a certain Shane Jackson whom I believe is actually a robot with the soul purpose to send you repeated junk emails with no value and try to close trouble tickets without human intervention.  I have no solid evidence to the contrary.
  • Learning Don Lyons, my account rep, was no longer with Moniker, I opened a support ticket asking who was my account rep.  I received the message from a certain Jay Ruda at, and I quote:

According to our sales territories Map, your account rep should be kevin Kopas.
You can conatact Kevin at
or call Outside the U.S. and Canada: 1-954-607-1294.

  • Due to the typographical and spelling errors I was hopeful that Jay Ruda was a real person.  However, trying to “conatact” Kevin at that address just got me an auto responder messages from The Ridiculous Shane Jackson Robot!
  • Trying again to get contact information for Kevin Kopas resulted in an email that began:

Dear Valued Customer,

We are pleased to announce expanded phone support hours for Moniker!

This increased service level is effective immediately and includes our commitment to respond to all service tickets within 24 hours.

  • Little good is phone support for a hearing impaired person.  I could only assume the bolded message (it was bold in their email) meant The Ridiculous Shane Jackson Robot! would close any service ticket as “Closed as Junk” within 24 hours!  It is possible they close as junk all service tickets, unless you complain about it being closed on their support system.  That was my current experience.
  • Continued service tickets and emails, as well as beginning to demand a real email address for Kevin Kopas, had not netted me a real response nearly two weeks later.  I will not bore you with all the back and forth to The Ridiculous Shane Jackson Robot! (see some of it below) but, needless to say, it randomly selected email telling me to check the address I sent the cashed checks to, check the payee I used on the cashed checks, about its wonderful new extended phone service, how I am able to pay with pay pal, how to use my credit card, and other worthless pieces of information not at all related to the the issue of five checks not being credited to my account, or that I had not responded to it or it closed my support ticket!
  • The day I dreaded finally arrived, three domains were due to expire because of lack of funds from Monikers mistake.  My experience was, GoDaddy had allowed my domains to expire and go dark, due to their mistake, and I lost some domains, again do to the incompetence of GoDaddy.  Needless to say I highly recommend staying as far away from GoDaddy as possible!  It seemed to be happening again.  Moniker had cashed and received the funds to cover renewals for about 60 domain names, but three were expiring due to lack of funds. I was, no doubt, angry.  On the day they were to expire and go dark, I began monitoring.  The first three were not super important, actually domains for future projects, but coming up was a highly successful working domain.  I started to formulate a plan of action for my top domains…  But on the date in question, NONE OF MY DOMAINS WHEN DARK.
  • This was the first of the reasons I decided to stay with Moniker, for the time being.  Even after the official expiration date, they kept my domains resolving while the disputed payments were investigated.
  • I finally received an email from Kevin Kopas <> who basically handed me off to Navindra Manickchand <>  It said…

I sincerely apologize for any confusion or problems you have been experiencing with Moniker.

I have cc’d Navin on this email. He is a great guy and can help you out with everything. He is your premium account manager.

  • I’d been apologized to so much that it meant little or nothing.  Nonetheless, having real people respond was, I considered, a vast improvement!
  • Navin found the last check that had cleared my bank two weeks before, and had it credited to my account.  That was enough to renew all domains in danger and give me a little breathing room.  Less worried and less angry, Navin and I started working the problem and within a couple days the other July check was posted on my account as well as the June check.  Only the two January checks remained.
  • I received a lot more emails and stupid posts from The Ridiculous Shane Jackson Robot! trying to close the ticket we were working on.  Each time I would send back a post that the two January checks were still not posted on the Account.
  • Eventually, I guess this was bumped up to Marti Johnson (Direct telephone # – 1 954 861 3511, email – ).  He wrote and ask me to confirm the last two checks (in January) had not been posted with the check details the he included in his email.  I replied that his information was correct.  His email was obviously from a human, he spoke with authority, and he addressed the issue in question.

He began with:

My name is Marti Johnson and I am the Sr. Customer Service Manager here at Moniker.

And closed with:

In addition, I want you to know that I apologize for the delay in resolving this and that I take your feedback very seriously and use it to improve our support.

We appreciate your business and I look forward to working with you.

  • A few days later, Marti Johnson sent an email (dated: 8/8/2012 5:14 PM see below) which read:We have located the two checks and we will be funding your account with the 2 payments of $100.00 with the nest few hours.
  • I monitored the account the rest of the day and the following morning but nothing was credited.
  • This morning, Friday, August 10, 2012 at 4:46 AM Philippine time, Seven MONTHS and one day after Citibank had cleared the check, Marti Johnson of Moniker sent the following email that said:

The 2 missing payments of $100.00 each have been credited to your account.

  • A few hours later, when I woke up and read the email, I was able to verify that, at last, ALL the missing checks that Moniker had received, cashed and had cleared my bank in the last 7+ months, had finally been posted to my account.  Thus ending The Saga of Moniker.

Staying with Moniker

During this crisis, I have repeatedly considered moving my most valuable domains, and even looked for suggestions on who would be a better Registrar for me.  Seven years ago, with domains going dark and domain names being lost at GoDaddy, I had considered the same thing.  People with similar problems had posted at (which has since sold our to GoDaddy).  So the Internet lost a valuable resource so GoDaddy can make more profit!  That is how I found Moniker.

Before this crisis, my wife and I had decided to replace with, with the theme of Know Yo’ Daddy, or Know Your Resource Provider.  It will not be so much against GoDaddy, as it is a resource FOR Domain and and Website owners.  Hopefully we will not only attract horror stories about Black Hat domain Registrars and Hosting companies, we will also attract recommendations for the White Hat good guys!

With Monikers new owner, and especially now with Monikers old owner out of the picture, it is really a time to reevaluate the NEW company.  In stead of a knee jerk reaction to a very unnecessary case of frustration, I have decided to carefully evaluate the situation and see if there is a better registrar for my needs, or if it would be better to stay with Moniker.

For the Time Being

While I am evaluating my options, for the time being, I will accept Moniker’s explanation that the transfer to the new owner had created some problems that they are resolving.  When I transfer things it sometimes causes unexpected problems also.  So I will, for now, stay with Moniker and report back as things develop.

It might interest you to know why I am staying with Moniker even with all the trouble I have reported.  Beyond the obvious not wanting to go from the frying pan into the fire (or get someone worse like GoDaddy), there are specific things that have me convinced, for NOW to stay and see if they can really solve the problem.  Here are the reasons.

  1. I buy and use domain names, about 140.  I do not buy and sell or trade domain names, if I did, Customer Support may be much more important to me.
  2. I basically do not need customer support.  All I need is a registrar to receive my payments, credit my account, and let me renew and register new domain names.  For five years Moniker’s interface has served me well.  In fact, in the middle of this Moniker Saga, I registered a few New domain names as well as renewing old ones.
  3. Nothing went dark.  This is a very big one for me.
    •  At GoDaddy, they made an error and expected me to solve their problem by sending GoDaddy more non-refundable money.  Because I could not (it takes time for checks to clear, I do not use credit cards), they expired my domains and they went dark (off line) – remember, due to GoDaddy’s error.
    • Moniker somehow, was able to keep my domains alive and resolving while they were working on the problem.  With Moniker not one of my domains stopped working while they were resolving this, even though three domain names technically “expired” in the middle of this.  I am thankful for that!
    • Would another registrar do that?  GoDaddy does not! (Actually, GoDaddy seems to enjoy cutting people off for no reason at all!)
  4. I lost no domain names.
    • During my fight with GoDaddy, they TOOK one of my most valuable domain names for themselves.  There are many reports of GoDaddy doing this.  I think they know you are going to leave because of their bad practices, and so they steal whatever they can – at least that is my opinion.  So I had to pay them a big fee to buy back my own domain name that I feel they stole from me.
    • Moniker did no such thing.  Although their customer support needs improvement (and they say they are working on it), I had not sites off line in the month they took to find their errors.
  5. It took a month to resolve.  Now that may be a good reason to leave.
    • However, after six months of trying to get problems resolved at GoDaddy, NOTHING WAS RESOLVED until I left them and transferred to Moniker!  GoDaddy NEVER gave me really good service, just six months of pain, suffering and expense.
    • Moniker gave me five years of good service before they were bought out.  I only had one month of pain and suffering, but no expense as in direct monetary loss, and no sites down.

As you can see, having my domains up and working is the most important issue for me.  Moniker did not fail me in that area.  Likewise, Moniker did resolve the issue to my satisfaction.  The only other point I do not like about the new owners of Moniker, is they raised the prices (no only on me, it is well reported on the Internet).  But, I guess prices do go up and I do not know any other domain registrar whose prices are lower and keeps domains resolving (GoDaddy charges hidden fees and shuts down sites often, in my opinion).

So I plan to monitor Moniker and see if their service level gets back up to the level it used to be.  I will report in on Ⓚ

Here are the last few emails, sanitized for my private information.

———- Forwarded message ———-
From: aLan Tait <>
Date: Fri, Aug 10, 2012 at 6:38 AM
Subject: Re: We have not heard from you on the support case that you opened ref:<snip>:ref
To: “” <>


I was able to verify that my account has been credited this morning.  Thank you for resolving this issue.

This closes this case.




On Fri, Aug 10, 2012 at 4:46 AM, <> wrote:

The 2 missing payments of $100.00 each have been credited to your account.

Again thanks for your patience and we appreciate your business.

Please let me know if this now resolves the issue to your complete satisfaction.

Best Regards,
Marti Johnson
————— Original Message —————
From: Moniker Snapnames Support [] Sent: 8/8/2012 5:14 PM
To: Money Making Entrepreneur!
Subject: Re: We have not heard from you on the support case that you opened ref:<snip>:ref


We have located the two checks and we will be funding your account with the 2 payments of $100.00 with the nest few hours.

Again I apologize for the delay in this matter and we appreciate business.


Marti Johnson

————— Original Message —————
From: aLan Tait [New LipHe (New Life)] Sent: 8/7/2012 7:20 PM
Subject: Re: We have not heard from you on the support case that you opened ref:<snip>:ref

Still waiting for your accounting department to find their errors.

Hello, how is the Shane Jackson Robot!  (see Moniker Email – Ridiculous
Shane Jackson Robot?<>

I posted the below to Marti, I am hoping he is a real person.

Lan Tait

Hello Marti,

Yes, this is correct.  Two of the three payments that cleared in January
were never credited to my account.  The missing two are:

Check #<snip> $ 100.00 Cleared On 01-09-2012
Check #<snip> $ 100.00 Cleared On 01-12-2012

Here I have copy and pasted the details from my account on the Citibank

Amount:$ 100.00 (Paid by check)
Payment Date:01-01-2012
Trace/Check Number:0000000<snip>
Reference Number:<snip>69
Status:Cleared On 01-09-2012
Amount:$ 100.00 (Paid by check)
Payment Date:01-06-2012
Trace/Check Number:0000000<snip>
Reference Number:<snip>70
Status:Cleared On 01-12-2012



Lan Tait

TuKod is To Code

aLan Tait

On Sat, Aug 4, 2012 at 12:28 AM, Moniker Snapnames Support <> wrote:

> We have not heard from you on the support case that you opened,
> Case # <snip>526   |   Subject: Four checks cleared Citibank but not posted
> on Moniker. in 48 hours.
> I wanted to follow up with you on this case to see if your issue has
> resolved or if there is anything further that we can do to assist you.
> Please let me know if this case is resolved or if I can assist in any
> further way.
> If you would like to close this case, please click here<<snip>>.
> Thanks,
> Shane Jackson

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