Moniker: The Saga Continues!

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This year. since the take over of Moniker, they have cashed 12 of my checks, only five were credited to my account before I complained.  (read Moniker: The Beginning or the End?)  After weeks of complaining, they credited the last three of the five (from the last 2 months).  Two are still outstanding at the time of the writing of this post.

After a few days off, taking care of my health, I opened my email and found that The Saga Continues At Moniker.

I had emails from Moniker, both from the Ridiculous Shane Jackson Robot and from a new player, Marti Johnson!

The email from the Ridiculous Shane Jackson Robot informed me that because I had not contacted it (obviously a robot should not be called he) it within the last 48 hours (and one second) that it was closing my trouble ticket (again) without it doing anything (again).  It does that you know, it tells you to wait while it works things out, and then it closes your trouble ticket while you are waiting for it to find its error! (And of course, it keeps your money!)  I am, needless to say, not happy with Moniker’s system and really hope they make some real changes they (it?) keep promising.

Giving Marti Johnson the benefit of the doubt about being human (he did address me as Alan!), he still wrote from the robot’s email address.  No new information, he just asked me to confirm what I have confirmed over and over and over and over and over and over again (I think it was at least six times!).  Of course I confirmed it again…

Here is the sanitized email:

———- Forwarded message ———-
From: <>
Date: Mon, Aug 6, 2012 at 10:32 PM
Subject: Lost Checks [ ref:_<snip> ] To: <snip>


My name is Marti Johnson and I am the Sr. Customer Service Manager here at Moniker.

I tried to reach you by telephone but could not.
I want to let you know that I will be following – up on the lost checks that you refer to. It appears that there are two that have not been accounted for —
Check #<snip> $ 100.00 Cleared On 01-09-2012
Check #<snip> $ 100.00 Cleared On 01-12-2012

Could you please confirm this?

In addition, I want you to know that I apologize for the delay in resolving this and that I take your feedback very seriously and use it to improve our support.

We appreciate your business and I look forward to working with you.

Marti Johnson
Direct telephone # – 1 954 861 3511
email –



Above is the latest in the continued (endless?) communication between Moniker Support, about the checks Moniker has received, cashed and cleared the bank this year, since they were bought out, but have not credited to my account.

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