Welcome Back 2011

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Hello my friends and readers!  I say welcome back because I, or at least my posts, have been missing for about four months now.  I do not want to bore you with the details, but in a nutshell… A doctor discovered a serious case of osteomyelitis between my teeth and nose.  In case you do not know…

Osteomyelitis (osteo- derived from the Greek word osteon, meaning bone, myelo- meaning marrow, and -itis meaning inflammation) simply means an infection of the bone or bone marrow. … In general, microorganisms may infect bone through one or more of three basic methods: via the bloodstream, contiguously from local areas of infection (as in cellulitis), or penetrating trauma, including iatrogenic causes such as joint replacements or internal fixation of fractures or root-canaled teeth. (wikipedia)

In my case part of a root canaled tooth was smack dab in the middle of all this mess… It literally turns your bone into a black tarry mess of goo… So they get in there, scrape it out, cut it out or literally file it out! With a bone file!  They call this surgical debridement.  Now that is something I wish I could have lived my whole life without knowing…

Anyway my loyal friends and readers, I am back, and so are you… And without all that poison in my brain, I feel like dancing… At least letting my fingers dance on the keyboard!  If you submitted a comment, well they are waiting for me.  I will get to them!  I need to do a number of updates first and in a week or two we will be back into business.  Sorry about the delay…

Percy and I have a number of new plans.  Lying around in bed gives you time to think stuff up…  One thing is we will set up a WordPress website…  Just to better organize the information.  It will really be about our WordPress, including all or our multi-site projects.  It is called Tu Kōd!

Now Tu Kōd is the Nu English way of spelling “To Code!” Anyway, they sound the same so just feel free to say “To Code” when you are talking or reading Tu Kōd. Now it just so happens that TuKod in Percy’s native language means…

tukod [tú.kud.] : support/brace (n.); shoring (n.); construct (v.); establish (v.); build (v.)

And that is what we are going to do on TuKod.com ToKod or To Code is the place for WordPress Multi-Site help and to make your life easier.

We will be doing a number of projects including:
TuKod Theme (Easy Atahualpa!)
TuKod Multi-Network Plugin!
TuKod Tips! Tips on how to do SEO the smart way! Automatically.
TuKod Translator! Another Google Translate and cache, but optimized for automatic results.

TuKod.com is where we will put the more proven, user oriented stuff. On the other hand, aLanTait.net will have some new stuff too… Like I will reveal how I run a number of sites on one host with the same root! When I mean a number, I mean that some are WordPress, some are had coded and some are Joomla! All working nicely in the same directory!

I also will tell you how to make a short PHP code to make sitemap.xml.gz files that Google will find, and why you should remove the sitemap directive from your robots.txt file. Or just remove the Robots.txt file! Actually, I run multiple site domains, in one document root, and delete my robots.txt file! Yet, I still serve it to polite bots (but not others!).

To tell you the truth, Google obeys the Robots.txt, but as anyone using webmaster tools can tell you, they do not like to be limited… So why do it? Frankly, set up your site properly with Robots Meta tags will do more for your SEO that using Robots.txt…

Well, that is some of what is coming… But I am still a little weak so give me a little time to get back in shape!

Thank You, my loyal friends, for being with me,


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