Welcome to school, WebSite 101! Here we will teach you how to build a website, from the simplest coding to the most advanced dynamic tricks! WebSite 101 is being written for the very beginner. We will have a number of beginner tutorials like WebSite 102 and 103. Then we will move into more difficult coding in WebSite 201 and 301 and to advanced coding in Website 401.

This is a hands on course, meaning you will be building real webpages! People will be able to see your work on the Internet. Be proud of your work, everyone must start at the beginning! Be proud of your work, even if it fails. You will make mistakes, that is what education is, learning by making mistakes!

Fixing Mistakes

Nobody’s Perfect, so do not try to be. However, fix your mistakes as soon as you can and you will see the good results of your work.


Tools of the Trade

Before we get started, here is a list of things you will need:

  1. A Computer
  1. Internet Access
  1. Good Web Browser
    1. HTTP Header Viewer
      1. Firefox
      2. Chrome
  1. A Text Editor
  1. Internet Hosting
  1. FTP Client
  1. Coming!

Online Tools

  1. HTML Markup Validation Service
  1. CSS Validation Service
  1. Link Checker – W3C 301 404 on page
  1. Dead Link Checker – 404 on site
  1. Feed Validation Service
  1. W3C Mobile OK Checker
  1. Coming!
  1. Coming!
  1. Coming!

Terms in Use

Like every group of people, or any field of study or work, we have some terms we use. It would be helpful for you to learn some of the WebSite 101 Terms.