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I have worked on the Internet for more than 40 years (yes, back to the days of ARPANET). I am willing to help you identify your routing problems. Just Contact Me.

Below is a list of ROUTING PROBLEMS I am having with Globe DSL (In the Philippines).

I believe this is an incoming routing problem.

Sites I Cannot Reach

The following sites I cannot get a reply from on Globe DSL, however they work correctly at the same location and on the same computer when Globe DSL is switched to SUN Wireless DSL.  These are not in any order.

  1. Yeah! April 12, 2012 Globe has solved the routing problem on its incoming trunk from Singapore and all selective browsing problems seem to have disappeared! First report was Feb 13, 2012. repair time, 2 months! I hope this fixes the problem for the whole Philippines!


Sites Globe SEEMS to have fixed, for now…