How To Fight Your High Blood Pressure Without Pills!

This page is about tips on how to reduce your high blood pressure! Mine was once at 250/170 - enough that my doc wanted me in the hospital! This is just stuff that worked for me that is available in the Philippines...

I will add more from time to time... This is what I did to get my B.P. Under control and get my heart to stop swelling and get back to normal size (if you have high B.P. you likely have an enlarged heart!).

Tip #1 ~ Eat a few ounces of Chocolate! But do NOT get the stuff with sugar or milk! That won't work! Buy Cocoa Tablia from a reliable source! Some people add Peanuts or add Flour to "stretch" the batch and make more money.

Recipe ~ I take some ripe of my favorite small bananas and smash them up. To that I add cinnamon (See Tip #2). Take you Tablia (Chocolate) and either grate it or chop it into small chips and mix it in! Wonderful!

Tip #2 ~ Cinnamon is your friend (hey, it works for me!).

Recipe ~ See Tip #1 - For a variation you can also place the tablia in a small bowl or cup in the top of your rice cooker when you are cooking rice or corn. It will melt making a wonderful smooth chocolate / banana flavor!

Tip #3 ~ Water!
Yeap, plain old water. Doctors will give you pills to get the stuff out of your system, but the truth is if you drink more you body will do this for you and save you a bundle on pills! I try to drink between a 4-6 liters a day. It really isn't that hard. I start each morning with 1.5 to 2 liters of water when I wake up. On an empty stomach it is easy to drink that much - even 11 and 12 year olds can usually drink that in the morning!

Expect to urinate more often, so learn where the Comfort Rooms are!

Tip #4 ~ Sodium Ascorbate!
When I first talked to my doctor about this, he was dead against it! "Sodium will RAISE you blood pressure!" I recall him saying. However, the research starting with Linus Pauling, backs up the wisdom! The Philippine diet is really starved for Vitamin C. Linus Pauling, the only guy to ever win TWO Nobel Prises by himself, believed in the stuff so much that he took 12 grams a day for most of the second half of his life, way into his 90's!

I have a good source that provides it to me in 500mg caps, I take TWO per Hour with a Glass of Water (see Tip #3). You should have your doctor monitor your B.P. every couple weeks (I got one of those electric B.P. things so I could do it at home!). Involve your doctor because he will want to lower you B.P. Medications!

Tip #5 ~ Be "21" for life with Calamansi
(Citrus microcarpa Bunge), otherwise known as lemonsito, calamondin, or calamundin.

"21" refers to how many I use a day! Squeeze the juice of seven fruit and mix in a glass of water! Take this before breakfast, lunch and dinner (3 times a day times 7 fruits = 21 Calamansi a day!

This will actually help the Sodium Ascorbate - I don't know how, but I really noticed the difference!

Tip #6 ~ Avoid Gluten!
It is possible that the #1 reason People in the Philippines get high blood pressure, obesity, excess weight and high blood pressure is Celiac Reactive Gluten!

Ok you have no diagnoses for Celiac or any of the other Gluten reactive Disease... Well, I went for 20 years with the worst two and no doctor diagnosed me! If you have anything like being over weight, OR, high blood pressure, OR diabetes - consider going gluten free for six months to a year and see if you improve! It dynamically changed my life!
(See Gluten ~ The X-Files!)

Tip #7 ~ Raw Food!
This is so obvious, but if you didn't read it first, go back to the First Page and read about Home Made Health!

The above is what I am actually doing to control my Blood Pressure Naturally. It works when I am not sick. Even when I am sick, it means less Blood Pressure Pills! Yeah!!