My webpages always rank high on the SERP.
Here I share my basic, cannot live without tools and secrets for building webpages in the year 2016..

For Best Website Performance and SEO in 2016

For new or remodeled websites you should use the following:

  • No WWW – ( Remove the “www.” from the address line like “”, “” and “”
    NOT Use 301 redirects to have only one landing page / home page with No www..)
  • HTML5
  • CSS3
  • PHP ( Use ONLY PHP – Do NOT use ASP! )
  • Apache2 Server ( For hosting, Do NOT use the IIS server. IIS is insecure and slow. IIS usually fails Google speed tests. Do NOT use IIS! I also moved many websites to (unsolicited plug) for this reason! Nginx is ok but harder to use. There are good OS to run Apache on like FreeBSD, but today the most practical is Ubuntu. I would strongly advise NOT trying to keep a server running on Windows, it may lead to your suicide. )
  • UTF-8 Character Encoding ( Do not use windows-1252 which the W3C NU HTML CHECKER will always fail. Use UTF-8, you will like yourself in the morning! )
  • Never Publish Any Email Address on a website. Instead, link to an email form:
  • HTTPS ( Consider the value of using https instead of http even in the lowest cost – about $10 per year per domain. I am now recommending this to all clients with business websites.)

Online Testing

For Testing I would suggest the following FREE Online Tools

1) Google Search Console (Formerly Google Webmaster Tools)


2) Bing Webmaster Tools
Bing has some tools Google does not, but is missing some tools Google has – so use both, they are free!


W3C is the official standards body, they make available the following important tools:
3) W3C Nu HTML Checker
This is the most important website tool anyone can use. I recommend using it daily well making any website or CMS. No site is ready until it passes this.


4) The W3C CSS Validation Service
Just like HTML, CSS should be valid too. DS has errors her too!


5) W3C Link Checker
It is important to check your links to not lose Link Juice.


6) SEOcentro Meta Tag Analyzer
Although it needs to be updated to the new Google standards (Title = 50 characters max and Meta Description = 150 characters max) it is still a great SEO tool overall.


7) Mobile-Friendly Test tool – Google





I have many more tools I use to evaluate a website / webpage. but the above are the most important nine tools.