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Bitesize HTML5 – Zip-a-Dee-Doo-Dah – File Transfer!

New Student

I took on a new student this last week to tutor.  He had built a small website for an imaginary Coffee Shop. He has no server so I told him to just email the files to me.  When I received his email, he had attached his files, one by one.  A number of images, html files and css that all downloaded into the same folder..

Missing Folders

The problem was, he had just attached the files to the email, so when I downloaded them, they all ended up in one folder.  When I opened his index file, the site was all messed up!

The problem was that these were all lumped together in one folder, but his design was to have separate folders for the images and the css.  I had to manually sort out and recreate the file structure, before I could view and evaluate his work.


A far better way for him to send this to me attached to an email would have been for him to ZIP the files and folders together first.

Like most things Linux Mint with the Mate desktop makes everything easier.  Just right click on a folder and everything in it, including folder structure, can be zipped together in a flash (a very small amount of time!).

Windows Zip

Zip is available in Windows also.  Just Google how do i zip a folder in windows and you will have many instructions on how to do this.

Done properly, when I unzipped his .zip file, it would recreate his whole website, including sub-folders, ready for me to click on his index file and view.


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