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Ubuntu Cheat Sheet Part 3 – Migrating FileZilla

FilaZilla has been my favorite FTP client for many years.  Anyone running any website needs FileZilla.  Certainly I need FileZilla as I use it all the time.  So I needed to add FileZilla and migrate my settings and passwords.

This is part 3 of my Ubuntu Cheat Sheet series.  Read also:

Loading FileZilla

Loading FileZilla is a snap from the Ubuntu Software Center like this:

  1. Open Ubuntu Software Center
  2. Type FileZilla in the search box
  3. Click the FileZilla Icon
  4. Click Install (It may ask your admin password)



I went to dash, typed in an “f” (or type FileZilla if you want), and there was FileZilla waiting for me.

I clicked on the Icon and FileZilla opened for me – but with none of my former settings!


Locking to the Launcher

I use FileZilla so much I decided to lock it to the launcher.  This is easy, when it is open, just right mouse click the FileZilla icon on the launcher.  Then click lock to launcher!


Migrating Old FileZilla Settings

The next step is migrating all my login info.  In Ubuntu this is easy.

  1. Close FireFox (it should not be running.
  2. Rename (just in case):
    (Remember it is a hidden folder so you must click Show Hidden Files):
  3. To (delete it later):
  4. Copy from your old computer to the new computer in the exact same place



Open FileZilla again and all your settings and passwords will be in place!



For New Installs I always set the default editor to Geany (after installing Geany of course!).

FileZilla > Edit Menu > Settings > File editing > Default editor > Use custom editor > and type…



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