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Ubuntu Cheat Sheet Part 2 – Migrating Firefox

With a brand new load of Ubuntu running on my new computer, (see Ubuntu Cheat Sheet Part 1 – The Load), I realized how much data I had in simply the Bookmarks, saved Passwords, and even the History of Firefox.  I needed to migrate Firefox onto my new computer.  It will take me forever to do it all by hand.

Save Current Tabs

First, I have a few open windows I would like to keep track of for a later day.  I had done some off the top searches and found some good material for another post on a different blog.  If I move my old history to this computer, it may wipe out these tabs.  I decided to bookmark all these tabs and them to save them as an HTML file.


Bookmark All Tabs

  1. I pointed at the Firefox tab I was on and right-clicked, then clicked on Bookmark All Tabs…
  2. I gave it a name: “New Computer”
  3. I saved it on the Bookmarks Toolbar so I could see it.

I could now see them on the Bookmarks Toolbar.


Saving in HTML

  1. From the Bookmarks Menu I clicked on Show all Bookmarks.
  2. On the Import and Backup Tab…
  3. I clicked Export bookmarks to HTML
  4. I put the file bookmarks.html on my desktop.

To test this I went to the desktop and double clicked on bookmarks.html, there were the links I had bookmarked.

Now I am ready to migrate my settings without fear of losing what is here.


Transfer Firefox Profile

I read the instructions at: mozillaZine

However I was impressed with the instructions at: Transfer Firefox profile from Ubuntu to Ubuntu

That instruction basically says to copy the contents of the old system at:


To the new system at the same place.


What I Did

  1. I exited Firefox
  2. I renamed the folder from firefox to firefox-old (just in case!)
    (Remember it is a hidden folder so you must click Show Hidden Files):
  3. I copied the firefox folder from the old computer to this place.
  4. I opened Firefox and everything was fine!



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