Moniker: The Dark Knight Rises Into The Light!

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This morning I woke to the first glimmer of hope on the problems with the domain registrar, Moniker.  I call this, “Moniker: The Dark Knight Rises Into The Light!”  Of the five checks I have previously reported, that Moniker cashed, but neglected to credit to my account in the last seven months, the last one was finally credited!  This allowed me to redeem the domains that had expired, namely:

The Long Standing Website of the Beautiful Kiwi Dive Resort – Sandugan Beach, Siquijor Island, Philippines.

FYUEL ~ For Your Ultimate Earthly Life!  A site for recipes about mostly “Eating Without Heating!”  How to live a better life by design.  Humans have a design and this site is about putting that design into action in a better life.  ( Update: Oops, my Honeybun reported this was not actually one of the sites in danger, but I already made the entry, so I will not change it! )

The Translators King James Version – soon set to be the first crowd sourced Bible.  The site is under construction and is being readied.  This project is to allow additional working translations of the Bible in remote areas using a common dictionary and the TKJV Bible. &

Two of the 26 domains being readied (coming soon!) for Domain Name Solution – I Love You! (DNS143.Net).  This is a New Concept in helping small business and persons with a message to gain access to publishing on the Internet.

The future site of a combination of Philippine Life (Ph Life) and the Healthy pH Life!

Dark Night

Although most of these are new projects, that could have gone “dark night” for a few days without much loss, Kiwi Dive Resort has been, and is, an alive and active website for more than a dozen years!

The Moniker Phoenix

Like a Moniker Phoenix, it seems the Dark Night became a Dark Knight this morning.  One of the payments was added to my account, enabling me to renew the expiring domain names.  To Monikers credit, all the domain names were still resolving this morning, although some of them were marked as expired on July 16, eight days ago.  Perhaps Moniker kept them alive while they  are researching the missing payments.  It was a huge relief to have these secure.

Staying on Board

In the last four years prior to 2012 Moniker has provided me a good quality Domain Registrar services.  I do not require much or any support as long as things work as they should (payments are credited, etc.).  I am hoping this is just a glitch, perhaps from being purchased by KeyDrive and adapting their system.

Too Early To Say

I guess it is still too early to say if I will stay with Moniker or not.  On the one hand, Moniker’s mistake did not cause any of my domains to go Dark.  Not at all like GoDaddy did when I left them.  I would NEVER recommend GoDaddy to anyone for anything, but I could see my way to recommend Moniker again, IF they they correctly post these four additional payments AND if they take substantial steps to make necessary changes to prevent errors like this from happening again.

On A Positive Note

Closing on a Positive Note: Comparing Moniker to GoDaddy (coming soon the revival of with the new domain name – Know Yo’ Daddy! ).  In fairness, Moniker never lost any of my domain names – GoDaddy did.  Moniker never caused any of my websites to go dark – GoDaddy did!  This caused me some time and frustration to get them to look at the problem – but it did not cost me actual dollars, page views, loss of a valuable domain name, or even other more valuable things.  If Moniker can improve their accounting system, then maybe it will be worth staying with them.

Looking to the Future

Because Moniker finally posted one of the multitude of payments, I was also able to purchase two domains I have noticed and wanted to buy.

The RAW revolution is growing.  RAWite (pronounced RAW-ite or perhaps Right!) is for them.  Eating the Right (RAWite) way is eating by design!  Eating Rich – Amino – Whole Fyuel (seed-plant based food) is so healthy even President Clinton is now plant sourcing his food!  The RAW food movement takes this further to the beginning of the design of humans.  Become a RAWite Today!

Last month I have a wonderful vacation in Balingasag, Misamis Oriental, Philippines.  I have had vacations all over the world, on every continent, but this was perhaps the best vacation I have ever had in my life!  I have decided to help the people of Balingasag develop a website for people who would like to visit this wonderful place!

More Post about this problem with Moniker can be found in the category Moniker!

I plan to post daily reports about this problem with Moniker, as a way to vent my deep frustration with what they are doing to me.

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