Moniker: The Beginning or the End?

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Last January 2012, Moniker Domain Names was bought by KeyDrive S.A. in Luxembourg.  It may just be a coincidence, but I started having problems with Moniker in January 2012 also!  As most of you know, I do not have problems with domain registrars, unless they fail to do what they should do…

Any of you who who are on my Sys Admin mailing list, know how GoDaddy really failed me.  I found Moniker via  Recently, GoDaddy bought NoDaddy and shut down the site.  Ironically my wife bought to revive the NoDaddy site. kNoDaddy is being built (not there yet) as a valuable resource to webmasters and Sys. Admins.  It is currently under construction and I hope you will visit there as it it built.  (Ok, a shameless plug for my wife’s website, but it will be a valuable resource for you too.)  The new site will be themed “Know Yo’ Daddy!” or know the about your registrar.  Well, back to Moniker…

As of this writing, Moniker is failing to post five checks to my account.  Checks that Moniker received, and based on the checks themselves, Moniker deposited in their account and these already cleared my bank.  In fact, these were “good as gold” checks, issued on my banks check drawer.  What we used to call a cashier’s check.  So for sure Moniker had the money, totalling $530!


Check Written On 07-06-2012 $ 100.00 Cleared On 07-13-2012 – Update: Moniker Posted on 07-23-2012
Check Written On 07-05-2012 $ 130.00 Cleared On 07-11-2012 – Update: Moniker Posted on 07-25-2012
Check Written On 06-06-2012 $ 100.00 Cleared On 06-12-2012 – Update: Moniker Posted on 07-25-2012
Check Written On 01-06-2012 $ 100.00 Cleared On 01-12-2012
Check Written On 01-01-2012 $ 100.00 Cleared On 01-09-2012


Other checks have cleared and been POSTED on my account, for example,
Check Written On 05-16-2012 $ 120.00 Cleared On 05-22-2012
Check Written On 05-06-2012 $ 100.00 Cleared On 05-14-2012
Check Written On 04-06-2012 $ 100.00 Cleared On 04-13-2012
Check Written On 03-06-2012 $ 100.00 Cleared On 03-13-2012
Check Written On 03-03-2012 $ 200.00 Cleared On 03-07-2012
Check Written On 02-06-2012 $ 100.00 Cleared On 02-10-2012
Check Written On 12-31-2011 $ 100.00 Cleared On 01-09-2012

Seven Out of Twelve is Bad!

Put another way, seven out of the twelve checks that Moniker Received, Cashed and Cleared my bank, were posted to my account.  Five of the checks, sent to the same address and the same payee, did not get posted to my account!

Time Has No Meaning

I received a notice that three of my domains were about to expire!  The bottom of the email said:

Click here to manually renew your domains.
Click here to update an expired credit card.
Please contact support if you have questions or comments
©2005, Moniker Online Services, LLC
table border

The support link enabled me to send an email to

So I took the time to write a complete report of the five missing checks, like the one above, but with check numbers, Moniker ID numbers for checks they had posted, and even scans of the front and back of two of the missing checks, and snap shots of my banks online services, showing all the checks Moniker had received and cashed in the last two years.

Sort of the “anyone with half a brain” could see the truth.

Moniker is Paid
Payments To Moniker

I added a bell pepper to the lines that Citibank says the check to Moniker has cleared, but has NOT been credited to my account.

Below is another scan I sent to Moniker, of an actual check they received, cashed, and never credited to my account.  I have blacked out the private information, but left enough you can clearly see the Reference Number 10281 – the third down from the top on the image above.  Moniker clearly had received the $530!

Cashed and Cleared Check To Moniker
Cashed and Cleared Check To Moniker

Moniker Replies

I received no email reply, so I noticed the support ticket.  I submitted a support ticket, and then noticed that my original email was sort of packed in there with no attachments and a note…

Closed as Junk

I spent hours writing that email and they closed it as junk in one second.  The other ticket was “Closed Duplicate!”  One was junk and the other a duplicate.  Needless to say, I started to complain.  Then I got a message that stated they would contact me in 72 hours.  98 hours later I complained again and a day later I got an email which read…

=================== Start of Email ==========================

From: <>
Date: Fri, Jul 20, 2012 at 2:35 AM
Subject: Case <snip>: Four checks cleared Citibank but not posted on Moniker.
To: <snip>

Moniker Account number: <snip>

Hi aLan,

Thank you for contacting us.

I do apologize for the latency in our response to you. Please note that all checks should be mailed to address listed below. Concerning the previous checks you have sent, we are researching what happened to them.

Make Check Payable to: Moniker Online Services, LLC
Check Memo: <add Moniker account number>
Mail Check to: P.O. Box 8272,
Pasadena, CA 91109-8272

Thanks you for your patience,

Shane Jackson

Supporting Moniker, SnapNames

=================== Start of Email ==========================

It seems obvious that Moniker is well aware of “the latency in our response…”

You will notice on the above cashed check that was exactly what Citibank did.  Moniker received the check, and it was cashed, and cleared the bank!  What a helpful email about the checks they already received, cashed and had the $530! NOT!

Still Waiting

I am still waiting, as I began this post, my account was still not credited.  I am hoping this is some kind of glitch in the new system of KeyDrive (Moniker).  Maybe it can be fixed?

In Fairness

Michele Van Tilborg, on behalf of Moniker, has been posting on different blogs, we invite her to post here…  She seems to indicate that things may get better as KeyDrive makes improvements.  Here are a couple of examples of things she is posting during the time Moniker is getting my money into their bank account and then forgetting that I paid them – or at least forgetting to post it to my account so I can renew my domain names.


Thank you Elliot, we’ll get this addressed.

To contact client services, please click on the “Support” icon from It will take you to our support portal where you can open and monitor your support tickets.

Once we migrate to our new system the link will change but will still be accessible from the “Support” icon.

We are hiring and improving client services is a key initiative. We greatly appreciate our clients and look forward to making these improvements.

Best Regards,
Michele Van Tilborg
Moniker & SnapNames
February 29th, 2012 at 12:53 pm


Michele Van Tilborg says:

February 10, 2012 at 1:13 pm

Michele Van Tilborg on behalf of Moniker, SnapNames, KeySystems and KeyDrive:

For both Moniker and SnapNames, the support portal is a key part of our transition plan post acquistion. What that means for our clients is that they will continue to submit tickets through the support portal while we migrate onto our new system – at that time the link will change.

We will keep you posted on this change – you can monitor updates from our FaceBook account MonikerSnapNames.

Additionally a key area of improvement underway is client service operations. We are hiring!

Have a great weekend!


The words are nice, I only hope the actions will match and we will not be faced with another GoDaddy to report on


I am hoping there will soon be updates to this story.  Anyone at Moniker what to email me?  You have my address!


More Post about this problem with Moniker can be found in the category Moniker!

I plan to post daily reports about this problem with Moniker, as a way to vent my deep frustration with what they are doing to me.






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  3. Sam
    | Reply

    For me, Moniker started going downhill when they were bought by Oversee. Now that I’ve given KeyDrive a chance for more than a year, it’s time to say goodbye and leave Moniker. I’ve seen no improvements and a few things actually got worse. By the end of the month I will have no more domains in my Moniker account… a place where I used to keep more than 3000 domains.

    • Lan
      | Reply

      Hi Sam, thanks for your input. What do you use Moniker for? For example, some people use Moniker for buying and selling domains. With 3,000 domains, I wonder if this is what you are doing? Others may be registering domains for their own use, or for their clients.

      In fairness to Moniker… When Oversee started overseeing Moniker, I did have a number of problems, mainly with checks being credited. Moniker did eventually credit the checks and I lost no domains. We buy domains and develop them, either on our own projects or for clients. For now we have stayed with Moniker, Oversee seems to have solved the problem we were having. On the other hand, the price increase was not welcome…

      Sam, I am also wondering how often you have changed registrars? And how do you like KeyDrive?

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