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Logging into blogger is quite easy. Just go to…

Enter the email address of your blogger account and the password.

Login Problems

You MAY have some problems logging in to Blogger if you have a different Google service running, when you log into your blogger account, if the Google service has a different email address. If so, just log out of the other Google service and then you should be able to log into blogger.

Use the New Interface

I would also suggest you use the new interface.

New or old interface does the same things, but if you are learning, the old interface will one day disappear – so why learn twice!

After you login, find the name of your blog and click on it, something like “FGBMFI Olongapo Philippines“.

Select Blogger Blog
Selecting the Blogger Blog

You really do not want to click on New Blog.

Click on Pages
Main Menu



Congratulations!  You are now Logged In and ready to make changes on your website.

You should now see something like the Main Menu on the Left. This Main Menu is where each one of my BlogSpot Tutorials will begin.  So when I click Pages on the Main Menu, screen will look like on the left.  If I say click Settings on the Main Menu, it is at the bottom of the same place. The Main Menu is your starting point for all operations!

Remember the Main Menu because you will need to go here often.

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  1. Could you please look into our web page I added names to link google generator for web sites but when I go to a search engine and type in the blog address I still get nothing close to our web site. We are Praying for divine intervention and knowlage.

    GOD BLESS you All John B.

    1. The problem was in the DNS caused likely by human error when it was moved from MyDomain. MyDomain shut down their public DNS server that we had used for the FGBMFI.Net service for 6 or 7 years. We had to move a lot of records in a hurry and some got corrupted, either before when MyDomains servers were attacked and hacked, or during the move. It seems to be working now.

      @John. I ALWAYS suggest AGAINST using a Google link generator. They almost always backfire and do not get the results you will want. if you want good results on a site like, what you should do is:

      1) Post a report of each weekly meeting. Do this faithfully about each and every meeting and Google will soon start realizing you have important content. Post things like who your speaker was and some of the highlights of the meeting.

      2) Use “Keywords” withing your post. For example, Minneapolis, FGBMFI, and Minnesota maybe some of the keywords you would like to use.

      3) Try to get QUALITY links. Like most streets, most quality links run both ways, it is called a reciprocal link. Likewise you want your BEST links to run to sites that have a similar, but not the same, content as you. Other FGBMFI sites, Christian sites, and the business sites of your members would do far more for your Google SERP (Search Engine Results Page) rank that Google link generators.

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