Change the Title and Description on Blogger

This continues my BlogSpot series with how to add or change the Description in Blogger / BlogSpot!  The same method can be used for changing the Title also.  So let me start by showing you the title and description area for FGBMFI Minnesota.

Title and Description for the FGBMFI Minnesota USA Blog
Title and Description for the FGBMFI Minnesota USA Blog

We are now going to add a description, “Full Gospel Business Men’s Fellowship International”

Click Settings on the Main Menu
Click Settings on the Main Menu

1) Login

We start every operation by first logging in. If you do not know how, click on the big Login and it will take you to the instructions.


2) Settings

To do this we just simply have to click on Settings on the Main Menu.

Clicking on Settings will automatically open you to the Basic Settings Page.


 3) Basic Section

Next we will look in the Basic Section for Description and click on Edit.

Click Edit Next to Description
Click Edit Next to Description




Notice that just above Description is the Title and it also has an Edit. If you want to change the title, that is where you would do it!



 4) Type The Description

Enter You Description in the Box and Click Save Changes
Enter Your Description in the Box and Click Save Changes

At this point all you need to do is type your Description into the description box and click on Save changes.  As you can see, I have typed Full Gospel Business Men’s Fellowship International into the box and my mouse is about to click Save changes!

Note that it says “500 Characters Max” ~ Have a good laugh about that one. I think one line is about all this theme can take!

5) Check Your Work

Title and Description for the Minnesota Full Gospel Business Men's Fellowship International.
Title and Description for the Minnesota Full Gospel Business Men's Fellowship International.

We are through!  The only thing to do now is to go to the FGBMFI Minnesota website and check to see that it is correct!

6) Use Caution

I will point out again that although I was changing the Description in this example, the procedures for changing the Title are exactly the same. Just click the Edit next to the Title instead.  Likewise let me give you this…

WARNING: The Settings Area is not a good place to try things to see what they will do.  Some things in the settings area can kill your website.  The Description and Title are safe enough, but other things can have catastrophic effects. Likewise if you change your title, it may drastically reduce your Search Engine placement and also reduce the number of people reading your website.  USE Caution!

7) Congratulations!

You are done updating your Description!


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  1. Hi Lan,
    Perhaps you can help me.
    Is there a way by which you can change the font colour of your blog’s description text, or even more than that: change parts of the description’s text colour, so that the text will appear in more than one colour.

    Tnanks in advance,
    Meni Porat

    1. Hi Meni,


      Blogger will not allow you to use html (css) in the description.

      I tried:

      Lan <span style=”color:red”>Tait<span> Network!

      on (my testbed on Blogger) and it gave me an error.

      “Your HTML cannot be accepted: Tag is not allowed: SPAN”

      I also tried:

      Lan <font color=”red”>Tait</font> Net Work!

      But got back from Blogger:

      “Your HTML cannot be accepted: Tag is not allowed: FONT”

      However, this did work!

      Lan <b><i>Tait</i></b> Net Work!


      So the only way to change the Description Color is to edit your template. That is way beyond the scope of this blog as each template is different. Surely it can be done, but is it worth the time to locate the CSS within the XML template?

      For my WordPress Friends with similar description questions, using the TuKod theme I recommend….

      Meta Description

      No! The “Meta Description” is passed as text, and the search engine (like Google or Bing) styles it.

      TagLine Description

      Changing the color of part of the “Tagline” (General Settings), the answer is still no as this is treated as text (html tags don’t work).

      If you want to change the color of the whole TagLine – you can do that under:

      Appearance >> Theme Options >> Header Area >> Style & edit HEADER AREA >> Blog Tagline

      In there you will find something like…

      color: #666666;

      That is the number (HTML Color Code) for a shade of gray. Change it to another HTML Color Code (use Google to find colors). For example, #FF0000 is red.

      The only other choice I can think of is to hack the php code in the WordPress theme

    1. Hi Waldo,

      Blogger has big limitations in this… The best option is DO NOT set a description in blogger. Then write a description paragraph. A good 155 character or less description, a couple sentences, and make that the FIRST paragraph of your blog post. Google will usually pick this up and use it for a description – your mileage may very and the rules always change!

      I would suggest using a blog if you are serious… that means buying some hosting…

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