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This post is in reply to a question about Networking on FGBMFI blogger sites. However, it applys equally well to any kind of website. It is really about networking. So as you read about FGBMFI, just mentally apply that we are really talking about Networking. Likewise, FGBMFI is an organization, but your networking need not be about one organization. For example, you may have a network about antique airplanes, or about salt water aquariums.

FGBMFI.Net or FGBMFI Networking – is all about bringing men together in fellowship. Fellowship is what the last “F” is FGBMFI means. Here is how we are Networking FGBMFI…

Building Chapter Websites

We just finished three sites:

These are already in the number one position for Google Search Engine Results Page (SERP) for their respective keywords:

  • FGBMFI North Minneapolis

  • FGBMFI Banning

  • FGBMFI Olongapo

Go ahead and give it a try, Google any of the above and you will see the new site on the first spot or at least on the first page!

Networking By Design

This is called networking by design.  FGBMFI.Net is the largest FGBMFI site in the World.  It is also the busiest FGBMFI website in the world.  We are regularly visited by thousands of different people in 120+ countries!  The Alexa #1 ranked FGBMFI site in the world is FGBMFI.Net, by a ratio of 3.2 to 1!  This pretty much guarantees FGBMFI.Net one of the top three slots on the SERP (Search Engine Results Page).

This is important for the local chapter website because FGBMFI.Net, who have authority and a 15 year history, link to the new unknown chapter site!

Each Within Their Divisions!

With each chapter website we build, we are building (as fast as we can), a parent website!  These are sites for either the National Chapter (Outside the USA) or a State Website (In the USA).  For example, the respective parent websites for the above three sites are:

Don’t Remove the Parent Link

This link to the parent site is important, it validates the chapter site!  This link will firmly establish each chapter location by State or Country.  As we build the State and National websites, these links will become reciprocal links, which are important to you!

A Two Way Street

Likewise, each chapter site has a link to the FGBMFI.Net site on the top of each site. This is called a reciprocal link (meaning two ways – you link to us, and we link to you!).  This link passes authority for your area – to you!  This is one of the reasons these sites now enjoy the top slots for FGBMFI in their respective areas!  These links are likewise important to you because, like a two way street, they validate a site both ways!

In the Internet trade, we sometimes call this “Google Juice” and that is stuff you really want for your website!

 Deeper Networking

To make this even more effective, local FGBMFI members who have their own website, for example on facebook, myspace, friendster, or perhaps a blog of their own, or a business website, they should link to both the local chapter site and to FGBMFI.Net.

This is easy to do and it will promote their own chapter of FGBMFI (the chapter link).  As well it will help people outside the area find an FGBMFI chapter near them (the link to

Random Thoughts

This post is geared directly at FGBMFI websites, but it applies to ANY networking done on the Internet, not just FGBMFI and not even an organization.  For example, like minded people with a hobby of Marine Aquariums (Salt Water Tanks) may want to Network to promote their hobby!

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