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On Tue, Mar 20, 2012 at 11:14 PM, john barnick <<snip>> wrote:

Hello Lan:
<snip>. we are getting excited about the web site and just a question will i be able to add pictures and captions with the basic web format?
have a great GOD Blessed day! and Thank You for all of your help.
John Barnick

Completely Customizable

Well John, the answer to everything is yes! Yes and Amen!

The Theme

The theme we are using for most FGBMFI Chapters on the Blogger format is called WPStudio.  It is highly configurable, easy to customize for someone just learning, and it is a nice design to represent business men, and it gets good ranking on the SERP’s (Search Engine Results Page).

If you want more information about Networking on the Internet and how to get a better SERP by doing some Search Engine Optimization (SEO) see my Basic Internet Networking Instructions.

IT Experts

Some FGBMFI Chapters have as members Internet Technology Experts.  For those with enough skill, you can change your theme to whatever theme you choose!  Please try to observe the Basic Internet Networking Instructions linked to above!

The point here, is that EVERYTHING is customizable!

The Slider

I am assuming John is asking about the “photos and captions” on the “slider” now visible on the front page.  Yes, these can be changed by your chapter.  They SHOULD be changed!  We use these simply as a filler to get a chapter website up and running.

Photos and Captions

However, beyond the slider, you can add more photos and captions into your blogs.  That is right, right inside your blog posts!   BlogSpot offers some space to load photos to, but better if you learn to use a photo hosting – there are plenty of free ones – and then just insert the code to your photos.  The sites we build are “Plain Jane” sites, meaning we do not put photos in it, but we can show you an example, so just keep reading!

The Header

You can also add a graphic to the header.  Wouldn’t it be great that instead of words only you were able to style a logo and text of different styles?  You can!  All you need to do is make the right size graphic and upload it!  In full color, to represent your Chapter!

The Example

Here is an online example of the WPStudio Blogger Theme to inspire you!

Notice there is a header logo and image file?

Notice there are photos in each post (you can easily add captions also).  Notice the most popular post have thumbnail sized photos of the photo in the Post.

You can even add Photos in your pages!  (With or without captions!)  For example, you may want to add a group photo in your Contact Page, or perhaps add an About Page and add photos of each of your officers!


I would suggest you make photo hosting account, they are free in places like Image Bank or Photo Bucket.  There are Many so choose the one that appeals to you.  Just Google “free photo hosting” and you will find many sites!  If you host on BlogSpot, be aware that if the person who posted the photo decides to leave, then their photos will disappear too.  If you host at a free hosting, that can belong to the chapter.

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