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Hi Marlon!

Thank You for your email below.

I would NOT recommend an IT for an FGBMFI site.  I am sure you can do this!  I recommend the site be maintained by a chapter member or two.  The Chapter Sites I am developing are not that hard to maintain.

How about a deal?  I will make you a trade… (If you are from the Philippines, you can skip the deal by jumping ahead to where it says WEB SERVANT in Blue.)

I will teach you how to customize the details, in exchange you teach three other people and you be the point man or WebServant for the Philippines.  We are currently teaching one person in each COUNTRY.  That person then acts as our contact to teach people in his country.  So when we build a demo site for the Philippines, we will tell people to get an FGBMFI Chapter site, to contact you.

We have a goal to build 7,000 websites worldwide.  One for each FGBMFI chapter!  So we obviously cannot do this alone.


Here is the way this program will works…  This Applies to any FGBMFI WebServant.  You have a question, so you search my website (I will teach you how – Just CLICK HERE and you will see this email is already online!).  If you cannot find the answer there by searching (likely in time someone will have asked all the questions…)  Then you send me an email and ask your question, or post your question on the FGBMFI WebServant community (online soon).  I will post your email, under your name, and then give my answer.

That way you can grab all the information you need.

I suggest you start by doing these three things…

Step One – Gather the information and modify the Officers and Members PAGE.  If you want, just update the Officers.

Step Two – Update a meaningful Our Contact PAGE.

Step Three – Write a Blog POST about your next chapter meeting.

Step Four – Write a Blog POST about how to contact YOU to get a Free Chapter Website.  Let’s talk about this first.

Lesson One

The first lesson is that there is a huge difference between WebSite PAGEs and Blog POSTs.  Basically, Pages are Eternal and Pages are Dated.

The buttons on your site are usually linked to a PAGE. Example, Our Officers page is where you put your officers.  Notice that on the PH website, there is a link to both your Olongapo main page and when you point at it, there is a link to the Officers Page on the Olongapo website!!  It is “Eternal” in that it stays at the same place.  Next year when you change some or all your officers, you will edit that page and when someone follows the link from the PH site.

Now what is happening in your Olongapo Chapter, for example, Jose joined, Steve and his wife Malu received the Lord, Jojo’s wife had a baby girl, Henry was healed of cancer and, Next Thursday we will have a noon meeting at “The Best” hotel, and doctor John will be speaking about miracles he has witnessed in the operating room.  Notice these are all events, they are related in some way to a date.  These are good Blog Posts.

Another way to look at this is, “Does the information last more than a couple months?  Your Chapter President will be president for a full year (more than a couple months – PAGE).  Next weeks meeting will be over in a week (less than a couple months – POST)!

However, you may want to make one “Events” PAGE for distant future events.  National Convention (six months away – PAGE!).

Be in the habit of at least once a week updating your site.

Do Not write a PAGE that says, “We meet Thursdays at noon upstairs Jollibee.”
I wouldn’t trust that info, would you?

Write a POST that says, “This coming Thursday, March 29, 2012 we will have a lunch meeting in the upstairs room of Jollibee at the corner of Jesus and Lord streets.  We will begin sharply at noon but will have a meet and greet with snacks at 11:30 AM.  Our speaker will be Bro. Lan Tait giving his story about how God protected him during a fall from a 6,000 foot mountain.  After the meeting Bro. Lan will be praying for people, and many will be healed and miracles will come from the Lord.  Come early, seats are limited.  For more information, call or text to 0922 222 2222.

The first one seems like someone posted that 8 years ago and had long forgotten about it and the meetings stopped over 7 years ago, so if I go there I will be sitting alone!  The second make me picture a crowded room and if I want a seat for this special event, I better get there early!  EVERY FGBMFI meeting is special – the Lord is there!

Do Your Homework!

So my brother Marlon, gather some information about how you want to change the officers page, and when you are ready to do it, let me know and I will give you the password access to the Olongapo Website.

God bless,


On Mon, Mar 19, 2012 at 12:57 PM, Marlon Asano <snip> wrote:

Dear Bro. Lan,
WOW Bro. Lan the website is impressive! How can we customize the details of it? I’m not
an IT so I really don’t have the knowledge to put up a website! Should we get an IT or do u think you can just teach me the basics?
I would definitely like to learn and do the website by my self! and also I would really love to learn to update it!
I’m truly excited to have our own website!
God Bless You bountifully
Marlon Asano

From: Lan Tait <snip>
To: Marlon Asano <snip>
Sent: Monday, March 19, 2012 12:12 PM
Subject: Under Construction

Dear Brother Marlon,

Is is Under Construction.

Contact me for login details.

Bro. Lan

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