Editing Pages

Click on Pages
Click on Pages

1) Login

We start every operation by first logging in. If you do not know how, click on the big Login and it will take you to the instructions.

2) Pages

The next thing you are going to want to do is click on Pages!

Again you will not want to click New post at this time.
(Do that when you make a new POST!)

Click on Our Officers
Click on Our Officers

3) Edit

Then you will need to click on Edit next to Our Officers.  This is where you will change the information of the Our Officers Page.

You will also notice there are others pages listed, perhaps you found a spelling error in Our Code of Honor, just click Edit and you can fix it.

Later after you Edit the Our Offices Page, you will want to Edit Our Contact with ways people can contact the Olongapo FGBMFI Chapters.  Phone?  Fax?  Email?  Cell?  Your Chapter Postal Address?  Directions on a Google Map for your office (usually a chapter presidents office or home).  And a Google map to where you have your regular meetings.  This is where you may want to state you have a regular meeting that all men are invited to attend.

Click Compose or HTML
Click Compose or HTML



Back to the Our Officers Page. You will see something like these Compose / HTML buttons pictured to the left…


Compose: When you click compose it will look like this:

Compose View
Compose View

HTML: If you click on HTML it will look like this…


 4) HTML for Editing

If you are editing a list of names or phone numbers, like we are here, I would use the HTML view so you can be careful not to ruin the formating.

5) Compose for Composing Something New!

If you are writing a blog POST about an upcoming event, or the birth of a members baby, or the people who accepted and received the Lord, then I would use the Compose.

HTML is best for EDITING most of the time, and Compose is best for something NEW – Composing!


When you are through Editing, be sure to click the Orange Update button at the top.  This saves your work and puts the new page on the Internet!

If you are making a new page the box will say Publish“.

7) Congratulations!

Congratulations! You have taken major steps to learning how to maintain your web site. All your Page editing will be done the same way!

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