Welcome To BlogSpot! (Blogger.com and Blogspot.com)

Greetings in the Name of the Lord, all you BMFG and FGBMFI brothers and sisters, and all the rest too!

With this post I am launching a new category I am calling simply BlogSpot. This BlogSpot Category will be about ways to use Blogspot.com to either have a club or chapter website, or how you can become a Money Making Entrepreneur

For those who follow MME (The Money Making Entrepreneur How-To My Partner Writes!), You will know that that MME does NOT recommend using Blogger/Blogspot for Money Making Blogging. I agree with that, if you want to make money on your Blogging, then you should pay for some hosting and a domain name and use WordPress.Org software. MME does a good job of giving you low cost solutions, so quality does not need to be expensive.

However, there are some people who really want to take advantage of earning on a blog, but really cannot afford the hosting or domain name fees. For those people this can be a how to or way to get started. I strongly advise you to switch to WordPress As Soon As Possible – Don’t be A Sap, switch ASAP!

On the other hand, the Business Men’s Fellowship Global Chapters and the Full Gospel Business Men’s Fellowship International Chapters, as well as anything from 4H to Grandma’s Knitting, could benefit from a BlogSpot Blog. In these cases, advertising is not a consideration. These blogs are about getting information out to the people who need it. For these organizations, of for anyone who just wants to publish information on the Internet, a BlogSpot Website may be ideal! And it is free!

So click on the BlogSpot menu above and you will find a whole menu of ideas. If you are already graduated to using WordPress, I suggest you check out the Money Making Entrepreneur!

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