Micro Stupid Names (MSN) Again!

The Micro (and soft) Stupid Names (MSN) is at it again…

First they wanted people to think they were Live, but that was dead.

They had a fling, with Bing, but couldn’t come close to Google the king!

Then bought up Yahoo, for which we cried boo-hoo!

It’s all talk about Tiger … we know it’s a pussy cat!

Are we to believe they’re a heavy weight sumo? That they’re now calling Kumo?

Anyone remember Hotmail? It was a super fast, super fantastic (Hot Mail!) public email server, that ran on Linux!

Microsoft bought Hotmail, and tried to run it on Windows Servers.

Ha Ha, was that a joke?

Of course Microsoft denied Hotmail was running on anything other than Windows … Until it was proven!

Do you remember what an air-conditioner and a computer have in common?
They both stop working when you open Windows!

Now they bought Yahoo, the ONLY search engine besides Google who ever was the #1 Search Engine.
But Yahoo ran on Linux servers then!  Google Runs on Linux Now!

“Every #1 Search Engine in the History of the Internet, has run on Linux Servers!
Does that make a difference?”

~ ~ Lan Tait ~ ~

Bing is now dresses in a pretty new Yahoo party dress, does that make Yahoo Bing’s Bling?

“Every time you use Google, you’re using a machine running the Linux kernel.”
Chris DiBona, Google

For the longest time Windows ( When?Doze ) would not run without the FreeBSD IP Stack, basically what Linux gives your for free.  Anyone know if Microsoft ever was able to get there own working?

So what am I ranting about?  Right now I am having to go through a bunch of sites, and disable sitemap pinging to Yahoo on both custom PHP scripts and WordPress Plugins.  Yahoo doesn’t exist anymore! Yahoo gets all of it’s data from Microsoft’s Bing now, so to get on Yahoo, you need to feed Bing.

Is it even worth it?

I think I hear Google getting bigger!

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