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Ultimate WordPress MultiSite, WP Multi Network, Atahualpa Mod

This is the Atahualpa Mod Version 2.0!

The Ultimate Multi Site Mod

This All New Version has many great features including…

  1. It works for Single Sites and Multi Site Sites and WP Multi Network Sites.
  2. It is a cleaner version that could be added into the core Atahualpa code (it breaks no functionality).
  3. It allows automatic updates of Atahualpa (from WP), which will not delete custom image files. (Truly automatic if merged into the Atahualpa code.)
  4. It uses standard WP functions to find the upload directory. So you do not need to do any of that. (Just upload the replacement files and you are done, all other mods are done in the WP Admin pages.)
  5. It includes uploading ALL unique per-site graphics, the headers, the the logo and the favicon / per site.
  6. It allows all files to be uploaded via the standard WP media uploader. Therefore different admins could only upload to the sites they are admin for as set by the Super Admin.
  7. Once the Mod is made, no FTP access is needed to change images.
  8. It keeps backward compatibility with WPMU (for anyone who may be using that function).
  9. It allows Normal Default Settings for Atahualpa to function in a normal way. (Modified by the Admin Panel)
  10. It allows Sort and Shuffle modes for Multi Site and Multi Network as well as Single site mode (these were never available in MPMU).

All in all it is a very nice mod, super easy to use, stable, and I hope it will be considered for permanent inclusion into the BytesForAll Code.

Building on Success!

After the success of these three posts…

I decided to really take a look at this code and see what other problems I could fix, and how I could make this code even easier to you.  I then came up with the idea for the

The Ultimate Atahualpa Multi Site Mod

Installing the Multi Site Mod

Now is this Mod much more powerful than the last one, it is much easier to use!  In fact, easy as One, Two, Three!

Step 1 ~ Download

Download the zip file.

Username:  atahualpa
Password:  custom

Step 2 ~ Unzip

You know how to do that!

Step 3 ~ Upload

Just upload these files into your Atahualpa Theme directory on your server via FTP. (This is the only time you need FTP for a Multi Site or WP Multi Network Site.  All uploads of image files will be handled by the Media Uploader inside of WordPress.)

This Mod contains six files.

One File is added, namely:
  • functions/bfa_ata_multisite.php
Four Files are modified, namely:
  • functions/bfa_rotating_header_images.php
  • functions/bfa_header_config.php
  • header.php
  • functions.php
One ReadMe File

This explains the whole mod including every modification and where they are.


The ReadMe file is for information only and does not need to be uploaded.

Configuring the Multi Site Mod


Upload Files to any Page or Post

Note: I suggest you use the ABOUT page!  This makes then easy to change later. However you can use any post, page or go straight to the media uploader.  The rest of this will assume we are using the About page to anchor our site images to.

From the About Page Click Upload/Image >> Add an Image

Upload all Headers, Logos and your Favicon in the same place makes it easy to maintain.  The Header Files and the Logo File MUST be in the same location.

TAKE NOTE of the “File URL” and copy it!

For this example case I will assume:  (But you must use what your WordPress gives you!)


  • http://example.com/files/2011/02/rx.ico

Note: If you have problems uploading .ico type files, login as Super Admin, navigate to the “Super Admin” menu “Options” >> Upload Settings >> Upload file types >> and add “ico” to what is already there.

Example: jpg jpeg png gif ico


  • http://example.com/files/2011/02/Rx_symbol.png


  • http://example.com/files/2011/02/header_be_4.jpg
  • http://example.com/files/2011/02/header_nice_1.jpg
  • http://example.com/files/2011/02/header_good_2.jpg

Note: Important Rules For Header File Names…

1) Header files MUST begin with “header_”
2) Header files MUST NOT contain a dash (-)
3) Header files MUST NOT contain extra dots (.)

Note: The following are examples of WRONG file names…

header_be4.jpg     ~ Contains a Dash
header_nice.1.jpg    ~ Contains extra Dot
header2good_2.jpg    ~ Does NOT start with “header_


Rotating Header Files and Logo Examples

Insert into:

Atahualpa Theme Options >>

Style & edit HEADER AREA >>

Show Logo Image?

1) Custom Headers and Custom Logo


In this case we have uploaded both a custom logo and one or more custom headers in the same folder.

From the Upload page we copied this…


The part in blue tells the theme where to find the header files.

2) Custom Headers and DEFAULT Logo


In this case we want to use our custom headers but the default logo, logo.png

One of our upload headers was…


We use the part after the domain name and before the file name and add the default logo from the theme as shown in blue and brown above.

3) Custom Headers and NO Logo


In this case we want to  use one or more custom headers, but we want NO logo at all.  Like in step two…

One of our upload headers was…


We use the part after the domain name and before the file name  as shown in blue above.

4) DEFAULT Headers and Custom Logo


In this case we plan to use the default headers from the theme, but we want to use a Custom Logo.

This step is identical to step one, except we add a tilde~” to the beginning to tell the theme to use the default headers instead.

5) DEFAULT Headers and DEFAULT Logo


In this case we want to use the default headers and the default logo, just put in the default filename, logo.png

This is the standard startup for Atahualpa when it is first loaded.

6) DEFAULT Headers and NO Logo

(leave blank)

In this case we just want to configure our site to get rid of the default logo, and to use the default headers.  Just delete everything in the box and leave it blank.


FAVICON Examples

Insert into:

Atahualpa Theme Options >>

Overall Style & Config. >>


1) Custom FAVICON


In this case we have uploaded both a custom Favicon called rx.ico (or anything you want).

From the Upload page we copied this…


This Favicon may actually be anywhere on the Internet that you have permission to use.  So the Favicon does not have to be in the same location as the Logo and Headers.



In this cause we do NOT want to use a custom Favicon so we just leave it with the default value.  We may also wish to choose one of the other file names included in the Atahualpa Theme and insert that file name here.  This is the default setting.

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  1. Looks like a brilliant Atahualpa mod!!!

    I’m using the multi-site version of wordpress in conjunction with the ATA theme and I must say that this will really improve upgrades to the theme, which are a bit of a pain when you have more than a few sites!

    I’ve not installed it yet, but if I run into trouble, are you available to help? Or would I just post a question on the bytesforall forum?

    Many thanks,

    1. @John Pickering The New mod for Atahualpa is much better because it uses standard wordpress calls. It works well in all modes and I hope someday it will be added to the theme as it does not break any other mode (in fact, if added it would allow automatic updates!)

      I am trying to help, here and on bytes for all, but lately I have been at the hospital or funeral home with a number of friends and family so not much time at the office! I do have it working and feel free to ask questions, I will try to help all I can. Especially now that things are returning to normal.

  2. Thanks much for this Atahualpa mod, Alan.

    I got it to work! Exactly what I needed.

    FYI, there’s an incomplete sentence in Step 1:

    “Upload all Headers, Logos and your Favicon in the same place makes it easy to maintain the.”

    1. Thank you ~ I corrected it! Sorry my slow reply, I am nursing a broken arm from a road accident a couple weeks ago.

  3. Hi Lan,
    Would you expect this mod to work with domain mapping, with redirected domains being the ‘primary’ (overwriting the blog URL).
    I’m running:
    WP 3.0.4
    Atahualpa 3.6
    Multisite subdomains
    WP MU Domain Mapping plugin
    Many thanks, Clare

    1. Hi Clare,

      I have not actually looked at the WP MU Domain Mapping plugin, however, I would expect it to work based on the fact it used the site id as the normal functions of WordPress.

      In other words, this mod is not actually using the domain name for anything. Each site of a multi site install is assigned a number. The first site has no number and the second site is 2, and the third site is 3, etc. So the domain mapping is done way ahead of this mod.

      In a simple way, we use the numbers that are supplied by the map.

      My site is really very much the same as your. Except I am using Atahualpa 3.6.4

      I use WP Multi Network which is written for WP 3.x and as far as I can determine is about the same function as WP MU Domain Mapping plugin.

      I should note that this mod is still fully supporting WPMU – so unless Atahualpa changes, this should work in MU as well as multi site.

      You could test it by loading Atahualpa 3.6.4 into a directory like atahualpa364. Then modify that directory, not touching your original atahualpa directory. After you modify it, just log into any one of your sites and switch themes to “atahualpa364”. It should work but if you have any problem you can switch back to your original.

      Let me know how it goes for you.

  4. Hi Alan,

    I’ve been thinking of upgrading Atahualpa to version 3.6.7, but it doesn’t support custom PHP code any more.

    Does this mean your mods won’t work?

    And have you had any success getting them incorporated into the code from BytesForAll?

    I see at http://forum.bytesforall.com/showthread.php?t=14377 they’re asking what PHP functions we would like to have included, so maybe now’s the chance to put yours forward.

    1. The php limitation is about adding custom PHP input in the theme configuration. In other words, YOU adding PHP in the configuration of the theme. This does not effect the theme author (or mod author). Because I use no PHP input, this should not effect this mod from what I can see at this time.

      I have been away for a while and just today am starting to work on a version for 3.6.7 – I will be upgrading a few dozen sites to the latest versions of both WordPress and Atahualpa. Because this is now a valuable mod for single sites as well as multi sites, I will change the name to Atahualpa Easy Header Mod with a version equal to the Atahualpa version it modifies.

      I did add a suggestion to the forum post you suggested. I do hope they merge this mod into the core package. However the post was deleted.

    1. Actually it sounds like you are having a problem with your site and the Atahualpa Theme. Make sure you do all the Atahualpa BugFixes (listed on their website. Many of these cause the problem you are dealing with. If all else fails, download a NEW Atahualpa and upload it to a directory called something like “testatahualpa” and switch your site to that. OR Remove all the atahualpa theme and it should automatically default back to TwentyTen or whatever you version defaults to.

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