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WordPress MultiSite, WP Multi Network, Atahualpa Theme, Easy Header Images

This represents an easy way to add header images to MultiSite or Multi Network installations of WordPress. This is now just a few steps… Just download the zip file, unpack, upload the three files to your server, create the new directories, and upload your header images.

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WordPress Atahualpa Theme – Different Header Images for MultiSite WP

My goal was to add different header images to different sites using the Atahualpa. I expect to upload these images via FTP. I am not trying to upload these like TwentyTen does so it can be used on WordPress.com. I have a couple dozen sites and uploading the headers with FTP suits me fine. The…

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Preventing WordPress Automatic Updates From Deleting Custom Settings (Themes and Plugins)

WordPress uses a drop in / replacement method for updating. This can be a disaster for sites with custom configurations like themes or custom site specific information like plugins caches or translators. Here is my solution to fix the whole problem!