Grub Update and Remove Old Kernel Ubuntu 10.04 LTS (Lucid Lynx)

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I had done a number of updates, hard drive changes and other things and I noticed my grub loader list kept getting longer and longer.

So I started looking for a way to shorten this… Here is what I did…

First I opened a terminal and did this…

[html]sudo update-grub[/html]


I then went to the Synaptic Package Manager and looked for

[html]linux image[/html]

Like this…


I found the kernels…


I marked 23 and 24 for complete removal (I left only the last kernel 25, to use).


To be sure, I ran update-grub again on my terminal…

[html]sudo update-grub[/html]

Ad it looked like this…


That is it! My Grub boot menu now comes up with only one kernel plus Windows XP and the memory test. Nothing else. Plus I saved about 100 MB of hard drive space for each kernel I deleted.

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