Installing Wine on Lucid Lynx Ubuntu 10.04 LTS

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Feelings about Microsoft…

I am one of those people who absolutely detest Microsoft and I am in love with Open Source! That said I am a practical man. The first choice is what works!

Looking to replace When?Doze

When I first checked Ubuntu it did not do enough of what I needed. I tried others and used desktop BSD but could never completely get away from Microsoft.  Until now…

So my approach was to use PRACTICAL Open Source. Stuff like Netscape (that should give you a time frame!) and my favorite editor, NotePad++

PHP and NotePad++

If you hack PHP (write scripts or program in PHP) and don’t use NotePad Plus Plus I actually pity you.

Well, when my wife and I started a family network (six workstations, three for business and three for kids, plus we have one server and we have a plan for three servers, two in house and one on the Internet), I decided to look again for a usable Open Source Operating System alternative to When?Doze…

You Never Know When? It is going to Doze!

I found Lucid Lynx and fell in love!

There is one thing I love about M/S When?Doze!
You can use it to download Ubuntu!

So far I found suitable replacements for all software I use except two, Notepad++ and an old Bible program called QuickVerse Two. Sadly I use these two packages and have found no Open Source replacements.

Actually NotePad++ is Open Source, but written for Microsoft Windows.

I need some Wine!

The solution to my problem was just a little Wine!  Not the kind you drink!  But a software package.

The name Wine initially was an acronym for WINdows Emulator. Later on it was derived from the recursive acronym Wine Is Not an Emulator.  Technically Wine is a compatibility layer, not an Emulator.  But anyway, it means many or even most programs written for When?Doze will work in Ubuntu!  Praise the Maker!

How To Install Wine!

Looking for how to install Wine – well that is a little harder to find.  I now realize the reason is because it is so easy!

There are two methods for installing Wine on Ubuntu.

Method 1 (GUI – the Method I used!):
Step 1
Open the Synaptic Package Manager.
Step 2

Wait till it says “Quick Search” near the top.
Step 3
Enter Wine as the search term, and click “Search” if you need to.
Step 4

Check the box next to the “wine”, indicating that you want to install Wine.  A pop up will ask you about other needed programs, just accept these too!
Step 5

Click the “Apply” button near the top.

Method 2 (CLI):
Step 1
Open a terminal.
Step 2
Issue this command:
sudo apt-get install wine wine-utils


That’s it, you just installed wine!  Look for yourself on the Applications Menu.  Wine!  Take a look at the “Configure Wine” choice – I did!  I didn’t change anything, but I did look!

I have NotePad++ Working – but I will save that for now… Maybe tomorrow!

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  1. Coleen
    | Reply

    It is not simple if you don’t know how to do it. I also cannot do without Notepad++ but I am now curious about Quick Verse 2. Thank you for explaining how to install WINE.

    • Lan
      | Reply

      @Coleen – Try Geany! I do have Notepad++ installed on Wine. I use it for one thing only, replace in files. Otherwise I use Geany and I suggest we get behind the Geany team and encourage them to be a Linux version of Notepad++ – at least adding our favourite features. However, for what I use (and I have coded almost daily for the last Forty Years!), Geany, which is pronounced “genie”, as in “I Dream of Jeannie”, does everything I want from Notepad++ except replace in files.

      As for Quick Verse 2 – I see no reason why it wouldn’t work, but honestly have not gotten around to trying it. I boosted my internet speed and found that what use Quick Verse for the most is just as easy to ask Google or some of the other online bible software. But when I get my larger hard-disk, I may just still try to install Quick Verse 2, I have been *** Told *** it works.

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