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MultiSites, MultiNetworks and Page Link To’s!

I decided to migrate a number of my base sites to WordPress.  I think this should serve me well.

So today I loaded MultiSites or a Network of Sites

This allows me to add a number of sites based on domain name. For example Lan.aLanTait.net and Percy.aLanTait.net if I want to.

It gives me in theory an unlimited about of blog sites that end in aLanTait.net including aLanTait.net! Problem is it does not give me a sight called aLanTait.com and I want that!

WP Multi Network

The WP Multi Network Plugin came to my rescue!  Now instead of having only one network ( aLanTait.net ) I can add aLanTait.com and as many other networks that I want (or that I can afford!) Meaning I can just happily add blogs as I need them to start up different long term projects.

Page Links To

The problem now is that each domain defaults to the WordPress Blog!  Maybe I would like to start a different page.  Likewise I would like some external links on the upper tabbed menu… So I plan to add to try Page Links To – to see if this will be a workable solution.

At this point I have four of the seven blogs I am hoping for initially.  Here is a list so far…


The last site is having some problems so I am working on those.  Each site is different, even though they look pretty much the same at this point.  I am trying to make them workable – later I will work on making them pretty!



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